Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tutorial Tuesday - Folded Flower

This week for Tutorial Tuesday we are making a folded flower. These are great on all sorts of projects as you can make them to any size that suits. Make small ones to use on cards, larger ones on scrapbook pages and even larger ones for wall hangings and displays.

You will need:
Patterned paper (double sided is best but you can also stick 2 single sided sheets together)
Bone folder (optional but I found it easier)
Double sided tape
Circle die cut or punch (or cut the circles yourself)

1. Cut yourself 8 circles and ink the edges if you choose. If you are using single sided patterned paper then cut 16 circles out and stick them together with the patterned sides facing out. For reference my circles measured 6cm diameter and the finished flower measures 12cm diameter.

2. Fold your circles into quarters.

3. Fold the top 2 quarters as shown below.

4. Turn over and fold the outer edges to meet in the centre.

5. Repeat for all your circles.

6. Cut another smaller circle from a piece of scrap paper. Start to stick down your petals, it's easier if you stick the first 4 as shown and then add in the other 4 to get your flower nice and even.

7. Once all your petals are stuck down you can add a button or other embellishment to the middle and you are done!

Here is another example of a larger flower I created and stuck onto a wall hanging. I only created 5 of the flower petals for this one, so you can see that you don't even have to create the whole flower for it to look effective!

Have fun creating your flowers. If you make any I would love to see, feel free to share a link below in the comments or show us a picture on our Facebook Page.

Happy Crafting,

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